Ordering Information

In you’d like to check on availability before ordering, please feel free to call or e-mail us.  We enjoy talking to daylily folks about daylilies. 

We accept payments by check or money order payable to Janet Quarles or Quarles Daylilies.  We have no minimum order requirements.  Order as many or as few as you desire.  Every customer is important to us.  If you live in Kentucky, please add 6% Kentucky Sales Tax.


We will not substitute any plant unless so instructed by you.  If you allow substitutions, please include a list of plants.  List what you’d like to grow. 


Grower’s choice, however, if you include a sub list we’ll try to choose from that.  If you’d prefer extra fans of your choices instead of bonuses, tell us that too.  We always try to accommodate our customer’s needs and desires. 


We guarantee our plants to be healthy and true to name.  You will receive at least double fans of all selections.  If I have lots of a particular plant you will receive more.  State inspected and freshly dug.  If you are for any reason displeased with your shipment please let us know immediately.   We will replace plants if notified within a year of shipment. 


Shipping usually starts, weather permitting, around the first of May when plants have fully recovered from winter and continues through the 15th of October.  If you need plants outside of those boundaries, give us a call and we’ll talk.

We ship USPS Priority Mail at $11.00 for the first three plants and $.50 for each additional plant thereafter.  If you give us an e-mail address we will notify you when your plants are shipped.


Grower’s choice, however, if you give us some ideas, chances are they may show up in your box!

If you'd prefer extra fans as a bonus please let us know.  Unless the plant is in short supply we will be more than happy to honor your request. 

Abbreviations on pricelist

Dip – diploid
Tet – tetraploid
E – early
M - midseason
L -  late
VL – very late
Ev – evergreen
SEV – semi-evergreen
D – dormant
Fra – fragrant
Re – rebloom
UF – unusual form
Spd – spider
Dbl - double